Are you using the right skincare products

 Company news     |      2019/02/19 15:25:40

Girls must do every day skin care work, you know you do the right? Sometimes we are lazy when cancer comes on, easy oversight protects skin or careless daub goes out. Such practice is undesirable, should know to use protect skin to taste to protect skin to have the effect with twice the result with half the effort correctly!

Discharge makeup water

Keep your hands and face dry before removing makeup. Take a cotton pad and pour in the makeup remover. Use your nose as the center line to apply to your forehead, both sides and chin. If you have makeup on your face, a cotton pad is not enough. Can discharge makeup a few times more, assure the face does not have makeup to remain on the face.


Before using the cleanser, you need to wash your hands, then use warm water to foam the cleanser on your palm, and then slide the cleanser gently on your face to make a circle with the help of the foam. If you can not rub the foam or rub out rich and delicate foam, you can buy a bubble net to use. Avoid using too much force when washing your face to prevent damage to the skin.


The first kind of skill that protect skin: save bright skin water, replenish water to skin moist more effective the bright skin water pours in palm, about one yuan coin size, pat gently with the hand on the face. Pat on both cheeks, then forehead and chin, then gently press with both hands. The 2nd kind protects skin skill: facial ministry is sufficient fill water to do not have dead horn, help fall off ageing dead skin cell to be soaked in toner skin to make up cotton to go up, with nose as the middle line, transverse daub wipes whole face. These two kinds of skill that protect skin can choose according to oneself condition.

Elite fluid

First rub your hands to get hot, then rub the essence evenly on your face, avoiding the skin around your eyes. Gently press the U area of your face with your palm, from bottom to top, from outside to inside, to ensure the essence is fully absorbed. The T area is also used in the same way.

Eye cream

The skin around the eye is the thinnest place on the face, and do not have sweat gland, so eye frost must be used in face frost front, such ability does not grow adipose grain.

In the finger of both hands in abdomen extrudes the eye frost of size of a grain of rice, press the ring finger of both hands gently in side of bridge of the nose bone again, forefinger presses the posture that is in zygomatic a bit upper part to rise so middle finger, such practice can make middle finger presses equably and steadily on eye ministry skin. From the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner of the eye, gently press the cream into the skin around the eyes. Do can conduce to eye frost to be absorbed better already so, can promote eye ministry blood to circulate effectively again, eliminate black rim of the eye. Need to stay in mind is the size and strength of the point should be small.

The mask

Face film can say is numerous in protecting skin to taste consumption is the fastest, face film is average two days apply, a month can use most of box. But there is an error to need to understand clearly in face film, the time that applies face film namely had better be in 15-20 minutes less than, more than 20 minutes cause a burden to the skin easily to do not have effect instead. Apply face film to make a base with toner first, can help absorb. In the process of apply face film, join a few to dab to wait for massage to move appropriately, make the skin absorbs more nutrition composition. Apply face film to ought to lift face film from the bottom up.

Do you GET the right way to use these skincare products? If the comparison of their daily skin care methods have the wrong place, must promptly use the correct skin care techniques!