Autumn and winter skin care products recommend moisturizing two not wrong

 Company news     |      2019/02/19 15:24:26

With the breeze, autumn seems to have quietly arrived, winter is not far away! Qiu dong is dry, schoolgirl needs to do good to the skin fill water to protect wet job, otherwise very easy skin is urticant, rise the symptom such as the skin. 360 cosmetics xiaobian for you to prepare a recommended autumn and winter skin care products, let you in the dry autumn and winter season still have water tender skin!

Shiseido · water print five-in-one elastic moisturizing cream

The main effect of this cream is to moisturize and control oil. It is the welfare of lazy cancer patient simply, collected toner, latex, face film and face frost, whole presents frozen shape, won't have when using sticky be greasy feeling, flap gently can spread out easily come, use also very relaxed, won't have oily feeling completely.

Kiehl's highly moisturizing and refreshing facial cream

This is the qiu dong that aims at oily skin to protect skin to taste, the kind of massiness feeling that does not have oily skin to worry completely when using, won't cause any burden to the skin, very good absorb. Its main effect is long-term effect protects wet and moist skin, can maintain commonly the effect that protect wet all day.

Faurese rose moisturizing soothing mask

In autumn and winter these two seasons also need to often apply face film will fill water. This facial mask is made of rose essence oil, cucumber, aloe and other plant essences. It can soothe and moisturize dry and damaged skin, which will become more and more delicate and smooth.

Aesop light moisturizing essence

If your face tends to get rough and dry in the fall and winter, this light serum should be for you. It advocate protect wet and repair two big functions, use aloe and vitamin B5 on raw material, have very good effect to promoting skin water oil balance, it is the skin care that a season that suits qiu dong to use completely protects skin to taste.

Cape jasmine body cream

In addition to facial skin care, also need to be appropriate to the body moisture maintenance. French Kai this body lotion can smell the obvious gardenia flowers when opened, the fragrance will gradually fade when applied on the body, just good fragrance will make you feel happy and comfortable. The optimal time that USES body milk is after washing bath 3 minutes, the pore on the body at that time opens adequately, can the biggest effect moist maintain the body.