These thrush techniques must be mastered if you want to achieve the perfect look

 Industry dynamic     |      2019/02/19 15:22:38

The effect of eyebrow to makeup look is apparent. Good thrush skills can make the plain features bloom endless charm. To create the perfect brow, first you need to choose the right shape. Secondly, also need to pay attention to shading.

As the saying goes, "the eyes are the window of the soul", this sentence fully explains the charm of the eyes. As a part that sets off mutually with the eye, eyebrow also is playing not small effect in whole facial features. To a certain extent, eyebrows can adjust the facial proportion and improve the face shape. As long as the grasp of enough thrush skills, congenital imperfect eyebrows can also give additional features.

One, eyebrow shape wants appropriate

The first skill for a thrush is to choose the right eyebrow shape. An eyebrow that does not suit oneself does not rise not to improve the effect not only, can appear instead nondescript. To face face short wide, facial features are too small for the person, slender eyebrow is more suitable undoubtedly. It can reduce as much as possible the cheek is redundant leave white, let facial features more distinct and outstanding to a certain extent.

To face slant long, the sister with larger forehead area for, choose the thick eyebrow that takes radian slightly to compare appropriate. Thick eyebrow emphasizes eyebrow eye area more, can make too too marked forehead is outstanding no longer, abate blank feeling on certain level. And the thick eyebrow that contains radian can have spirit more, won't too inflexible.

Two, thrush must pay attention to shade

Thrush like painting a truth, the degree of light and shade need to be measured. To create a more natural brow, pay attention to the makeup technique. If we look at our natural eyebrows, we can see that the brows and tail are relatively sparse, with the intermediate zone being more bushy. Therefore, thrush also has to follow this rule.

When thrush, can lean a bit from the forehead first the position begins to draw, in intermediate part brushstroke adds a key, more to rear strength is more light. Can besmear with eyebrow pink next the part with not quite bright colour and lustre, reoccupy eyebrow is brushed faint catch gently, the color that lets brow presents the state that gives gradual transition. In this way, a proper eyebrow shape and natural eyebrows are completed.